Office Space Design and WFH

Finding the Best Fit Out Company in an Age of Remote Working

A commercial office fit out involves the design and build of an office environment. These efforts must meet the needs of both administrators and workers. But what does office space design look like after the big recent shift to remote working?

The Modern Remote Work Environment

The trend toward working from home began long before any recent world events. Companies and workers alike saw the added ease and lower cost of remote working. Seeing these results as great benefits, they turned to remote work models in large numbers. At the same time, quick advances in tech put a stop to many of the drawbacks of remote work. 

As working from home became more and more attractive, record numbers of companies discovered the benefits of this way of doing business. The hopes and of workers also shifted dramatically. Although many businesses are now eager to return to the office, they want to incorporate some of the best qualities of remote working. 

Keeping pace with these changes in business culture, tech-savvy bosses have continued to refine the online work environment. A similar kind of refinement and review have occurred in the office space design sector and among experts in the top fit out company. 

Read on for a brief outline of the future of office space design. What does the office look like in the wake of the remote working trends of the late 2010s and early 2020s?

Remote Working’s Effects on the Modern Office

Here are the three big trends that are driving the growth of office space design today. All three are causes of the huge boost in remote working.  

A Drop in Needed Square Metres

More people working at home means less people working in the office. So the main impact of work from home days on office space design is a reduced need for space. The New Yorker reports that many companies are rethinking their big corporate office in the last few years. With large parts of their staff working from home or employed under a hybrid model, companies are downsizing brick and mortar buildings. In fact, many have closed their big headquarters completely in favour of a largely online business model.

A Boost in Reuse Measures

A wise business owner will seek a fit out company that will make the most of any space used. Forbes points out that space reclaimed due to the work from home trend can be used to make doing business better. This might mean building storage and shipping centres close by. Or it might mean building on-site child care or health centres. At the very least, many companies are discovering the distraction-limiting benefits of providing designated spaces for quiet work, collaboration, and video conferencing.

An End to the Open Office Trend

The open office is still viable in some cases, but this design trend is no longer quite as common. An open office can promote teamwork and cut business costs. But it also tries to pack as many people into as small a space as it can. With fewer on-site workers and more space to play with, a top fit out company can give more space to more people. This not only makes workers happier but more productive as well.

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