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Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important for workers to feel comfortable and connected with one another. If you want your employees to really work together, a better office design might help. We’ll look at what kind of office space they need to build stronger relationships — ones that result in higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

Mix Up Your Office Furniture Fit Out

As technology encroaches on every part of our lives, it’s easy to think that we don’t need to be around people anymore to work. This assumption would lead us to believe that a remote work video call is the same as an in-person meeting. This simply isn’t true. The ideal office furniture fitout starts with a premise that people need to be social as much as they sometimes need their privacy. A balance may mean single desks, open tables, conference rooms, and private rooms for your office layout.

Better Places to Break

There are a lot of studies out there about how the human mind works, but it all boils down to one thing. People do need to take breaks if they want their work to be any good. The best schedule will be different based on the individual, but it shouldn’t stop a designer from giving people a lounge area or open spaces where they’re encouraged to rest and regroup. Also, consider how games like table football can encourage coworkers to relax a little and actually have fun together.

Consider Clutter in an Office Layout

Cables, papers, and disorganisation of any kind send subtle messages. It’s not only unprofessional, it can actually be distracting. Whether it’s your private offices or meeting rooms, there should be some degree of cohesion. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean foregoing your supplies or individualism though. It can be as easy as finding an office fitout that tucks away the cables and removes unnecessary ornamentation.

Avoid Using Only Neutrals in an Office Fitout

Neutral colours make your open plan offices clean and inviting. Too much reliance on neutral colours will make it boring and uninspired. We recommend that your working area incorporates pops of color. This may mean an accent wall or painting different meeting rooms a different colour. You might consider an office furniture fitout that relies heavily on natural tones, like wood or bamboo.

Evaluate Your Team’s Needs

Some teams need individual offices while others need a more open office design. The former doesn’t have to interfere with employee interaction, though. As long as you create a collaborative space where people can come together when they need to, you can still have that sense of camaraderie. It all just depends on who your people are and what they need when they come to the office.

An office furniture layout creates your work environment, which can have an effect on your profitability. It’s not always easy to know exactly how to design your space, though, particularly when your office is unique to your business. Instead of copying another office furniture fit out, you might want to consider how a specialist can design an office floor plan that works for everyone.


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