Commercial Interior Fit Out

A commercial interior fitout is the process of making a space ready for occupation. When it comes to an office fitout, work includes everything necessary to get it to a place where employees can work within the space. Prior to a fitout, the area is likely only a shell space. To get it to a point where it’s usable, a lot more work needs to be done. In this post, we’ll cover the typical sequence of works for an office fitout. Here’s a closer look…

Office Fitout Sequence of Works

Fitouts have to start somewhere. In some cases, they occur after a building is constructed. For these fitouts, work may include mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

However, some fitouts may occur in existing buildings. In these types of fitouts, there’s often a change in ownership or tenant. As a result, the needs of the space change. In such situations, demolition may occur to clear the space. An office fitout will occur next.

Regardless of the type of fitout, here’s a look at the general sequence. This assumes the space has been cleared and stripped out already:

Site Setup and Prep Work

This step is mostly planning and coordination. It often involves a thorough assessment of the space and space design relative to any constraints and the needs of the business. If demolition is required, all the necessary permits and approvals are granted. This is largely a planning stage so that work can be effectively put in place in subsequent steps.

Initial Fit Out

The initial fit out consists of any electrical, mechanical or plumbing work that needs to be done. This sequence may also include framing walls and partitions. This step can be invasive, especially if there is significant electrical, plumbing and mechanical work. Any existing panels and plasterboard may be removed in the setup and prep work phase depending on the significance of the work.

Second Fix

This sequence largely builds off the first one. It may consist of finishing HVAC work, prepping and installing floors, installing insulation in wall cavities, installing lighting and more. In this phase, you can begin to see the space come to life.

Furniture Fitout

Once the space is framed out, it’s time for painting, finishing any flooring, installing doors and performing other tasks to boost the area’s aesthetics. Furniture installation typically occurs at the end of this step. Window treatments or films, graphics and other details are also often added.

Final Punch List Work

Before any workers take occupancy, a final clean is performed. Additionally, any punch list items that need to be resolved are taken care of. From there, the owner or tenant can take occupancy and employees can move in. 

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