What does office fit out include

What Does Office Fitout Include?

Any business should want to get the most out of its employees. Part of this is making sure people have the right space to work in. And part of this is an office fitout that inspires collaboration, creativity and – ideally – productivity.

At QTC Build, we believe that office spaces should improve on the past. It should also achieve in the present and maintain for the future. One way to ensure all of this is to update your office space. That’s where an office fitout makes sense. 

In this post, we’ll explain what commercial office fitouts include. We’ll also discuss how long they typically take and more. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

Office Fitout: What You Need to Know

Complete office fitouts are taking an empty shell space and making it usable. Fitouts can take place with new builds after a project is structurally built. They may also take place in existing buildings. For example, they may be necessary if remodelling or renovations become necessary.

However, fitouts are more intensive projects. They involve more than just replacing some materials or furniture, but all of it. An office refurbishment that just involves new furniture or new flooring is not considered a fitout. Fitouts tend to be more all-encompassing.

Bottom line: A commercial office fit out involves taking a space and making it ready for occupation. There’s the shell and the core of the building. A fitout involves building out the interior.

Office Fit Out Costs

It’s hard to pinpoint a cost estimate for a fitout. That’s because no two fitouts are the same. The costs involved are based on a variety of factors. These include:

  • Square metres of the space
  • Quality of materials and products used
  • Significance of the fitout. For instance, some fitouts involve completely transforming and building out an area. Others may have certain components already installed.

To get an accurate cost estimate, it’s highly recommended to contact a reliable contractor. It’s also best practice to keep a contingency budget of up to 10 percent of the total estimated cost.

How Long Do Fitouts Take?

This tends to vary based on the size and scope of the project. Some fitouts can be completed in a month or less. Others may take several months. 

Other factors, such as the supply chain and availability of materials and products, play a role in project longevity. So can contractor workload.

Contact QTC Build for more information on cost estimates and timelines.

Anatomy Of An Office Fitout

As we said earlier, fitouts tend to be all-encompassing aspects of a building project. They’re done to ready a space for occupation. Here’s a look at what materials and accessories are typically involved in a fitout:

  • Building services such as Fire, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing 
  • Flooring, Plaster or Glazed Walls, and Ceilings
  • Fittings and Fixtures
  • Window Fittings
  • Door fittings
  • Loose Furniture
  • Workstations
  • Offices or Cubicles
  • Kitchens and Breakouts
  • And many more

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